Every single DSL company in my location won't even ENTER an order for
installation until the phone number has been active 30 days.  And it
takes up to 30 days for the service to get installed.  End result?
As soon as I move into my new house, I'm going to be without internet
access for 2 WHOLE MONTHS.  I won't settle for dial-up because I can't
get a static IP address for less than $100 a month in this area (yes,
even with a modem -- I've called 12 ISPs so far) and my extensive online
work and home network requires at least one static IP address.  For all
those who think I'm being unreasonable, I should remind you that I've
had a high-speed static IP address for almost 2 years now with the same
DSL company.  It is impossible for me to unravel 3 years of personal
computing standards practices based around a static IP address.  Geez,
even my friend Brian in a small town in Colorado has a static IP address
via his modem...

So, I'll attempt to answer email, etc. using my laptop modem from time
to time.  Enjoy my silence -- I sure won't.  Deadtime begins January 29th.
I'll email again when I've whipped the DSL companies around here into
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January 19, 2001: I have 228 email messages to be answered--and I *always*
answer all of my email.  It may take a while to get to them, but I do.  Honest.

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