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> Hi Jim would you happen to have software for Terminator 2 the arcade game, I 
> have a bad disk?

In storage somewhere; I'll try to find it.  But next time just email
my address directly instead of copying the entire list.  ;-)  However,
since this next bit is appropriate for everyone in an offhand way,
I thought I'd keep replying back to the list:

Are you sure the disk you have is bad?  Terminator 2 Arcade is notoriously
difficult to get running, even on the recommended hardware printed on
the box -- I've tried it.  :-)  The majik combination for this particular
game is making sure that a protected-mode EMS manager is loaded to provide
high UMBs, but NOT providing actual EMS (screws up the program somehow).
So, a line like

        device=emm386.exe RAM NOEMS

works okay (modify appropriately for QEMM or 386MAX).

So if you didn't get read errors copying the files off of the disk (try
a diskcopy/diskcomp to make sure), the diskette isn't bad -- it's the
program itself ;-)
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