Just some quick notes of interest:

- MobyGames will be rolling out a new codebase.  The grades used at MobyGames
will change in this release to match exactly those that we all agreed on for
the final version of the MobyGames Grading Scale.  After the rollout, I will be
adding the complete text of the MobyScale document to the website, so that you
can all have a URL to give people who look at any lists you distribute that use
it.  I'll make announcements here to that effect when they're done.

- The new codebase mentioned above will also include the ability to create want
lists ("have" lists are already there).  We plan to code a rudimentary matching
facility as well so that want lists and have lists are automatically compared,
taking grades and "willingness to trade" into account.

- The oldskool.org network (where this list is hosted) will be moving in the
next month.  For a day or two, posts to the mailing list may fail as DNS
servers around the world purge their caches.  FYI.

Also, can our Euro friends on this list confirm or deny reports that the
aforementioned "DVD boxes" method of distributing software is full swing over
The world's most comprehensive historical PC gaming database project.

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