Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> Hugh Falk wrote,
> >Well, there is one other valid reason.  Let's say that only 100,000 Ultima
> >IV's where ever produced (for the sake of a round number).  And let's say
> >that half of those have been thrown away, lost or otherwise damaged beyond
> >recognition.  That means that if you own 5 of them, then you own .0001% of
> >all the Ultima IV's left in the world!!!
> If someone tried to sell you 20 Suspended with the masks, for $1 a piece,
> wouldn't you buy them all? =)

Yes, but of course that is a rare theoretical case that would probably
never happen.
> Errrr.... huh.... hmmmm... I'll stick to "habbyt" I think.

I like OCCID myself.  As in, "I'm an OCCID."

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