Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> >Not the point -- if it's rare, *nobody* has copies.  Which is why I try
> >to collect them -- to make copies before the software is lost forever.
> It's not the Starcross floppies that make the game rare, right? :)

No, but it *is* the floppies that make Zinderneuf or Fractalus or
CCnChomp rare.  I have Zinderneuf; I have strong info that CCnChomp
exists; Fractalus is an unconfirmed rumor.  Honestly, the boxes mean
jack squat to me right now about those PC titles ;-)
> > >But the game is infinitely more interesting to *play* than it is to look
> > >at the manual...?  That is the entire point the manual was created for,
> > >right?
> >
> > No? >:) If it were, Origin could have sold their games with regular paper
> > maps and stuff. No trinkets or special editions.
> >Yes, but you still need the software.
> But the software I can get anywhere, even download it from the net, on
> extreme situations

Not for stuff that isn't on the 'net!  If someone doesn't make a copy of
the software, then how do you expect to download it?
> >  Trinkets are way cool, I agree,
> >but the software is the entire point they were created in the first
> >place.
> Yes, but sometimes the software doesn't matter! I knew Ultima Ascension was
> crap, but I still bought the Dragon Edition for all the goodies

Again, special case -- the Dragon edition was specifically assembled and
marketed as a collector's edition.  Most software (sadly) isn't this
> >  Otherwise they could've just sold books with a little pouch of
> >stuff attached to each book.  Would we be collecting those if it were
> >the case?  (hint: no ;-)
> If suddenly Origin started selling old, mint, Ultima 4 manuals (spares),
> they would sell like strawberry muffins! :)

..and the overall value of Ultima 4 manuals would diminish ;-)  But of
course that won't happen, since Origin is finally dead, gone, and
buried.  :-(

What continually confuses me is that there are at least 50 times the
number of copies of Ultimas, Infocoms, etc. than there are of titles
like Cyborg for the PC.  Cyborg PC is definitely an extremely rare
item.  So why isn't it extremely sought after, or valued highly?  Or
ICON: Quest for the Ring... there were only 1000 made.  Why isn't that
at the top of everyone's list?

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