Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> >No, but it *is* the floppies that make Zinderneuf or Fractalus or
> >CCnChomp rare.  I have Zinderneuf; I have strong info that CCnChomp
> >exists; Fractalus is an unconfirmed rumor.  Honestly, the boxes mean
> >jack squat to me right now about those PC titles ;-)
> That's different. You probably have that specific game for other
> platform(s), right?

Yes, but that's not the point; as I explained earlier, the PC versions
are signficantly different, rare, or both.  Hence the need to get them.
> >Not for stuff that isn't on the 'net!  If someone doesn't make a copy of
> >the software, then how do you expect to download it?
> Only extremely exceptional games aren't downloadable from the net. On those
> games, of course, having a floppy is extremely important


Who do you think seeded the original Abandonware community anyway?  ;-)
> >But of
> >course that won't happen, since Origin is finally dead, gone, and
> >buried.  :-(
> Not Origin, but Origin-as-we-know-it. :(

No, really, it really is dead.  They laid everyone else off, and they
stopped using the Origin name/logo on packaging late last year.  But
take heart; Garriot is re-hiring a lot of people for his new company.
> I hope RG eventually makes another RPG that dignifies his past.

Same, as Ultima IX certainly wasn't...

That's actually not fair.  The final chapters in several long series,
King's Quest and Ultima, were 3D because that's what the market
demanded.  Because they were first, they ran into a ton of issues and
problems.  They were penalized, and the product lines abruptly ended. 
It's a shame to be penalized for being first to market with something.

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