Hugh Falk wrote:
> Okay, well the word has come back from Jon, and the answer
> is...inconclusive.  He said there wasn't one when he left Epyx to form Free
> Fall Associates in 81 (which makes sense, of course).  However, there could
> have been one made later on.

That is exactly the answer I got from the programmer of the original
Rescue on Fractalus.  And when I asked Will Harvey about the PC version
of Music Construction Set, he said "There's a PC version?"  This is why
the PC versions of these programs are even more rare than the rare games
they were ported from.
> I do know that there was a C-64 version made in 83 so it's possible that a
> DOS version was also made.

You mean PC.  PC != DOS.  For hard-core PC collectors, this is
significant.  For all you other guys, never mind ;-)

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