> Hugh Falk wrote:
> >
> > Oh yeah!  :-) Well PC != IBM.  PC stands for Personal Computer.  Apple,
> > Atari, C64, etc. are all PCs.  So if we're talking semantics, you should
> > refer to them like I do on my site -- "Intel-compatibles" or "Intels"
> > short.  Of course, back in the 80's, they were called "IBM-compatibles,"
> > in hindsight, "Intel-compatibles" is a more appropriate term.
> This is, of course, what I meant.  (I should know better when opening my
> mouth in this forum :-)  When I talk about PC games, I am referring to
> IBM PC (and compatibles) games.  I know that PC means Personal Computer,
> but after 20 years of slang usage, I think it's safe to say that a PC
> game means an IBM PC game.  This may suck to some people, but I gave up
> the usage fight a long time ago when the Oxford Dictionary starting
> putting stuff like "Doh" and "thru" into the dictionary (I am not making
> that up, BTW).  So I won't apologize for abbreviating IBM PC as PC, and
> I don't have any immediate plans to change my habits.
> If you REALLY want to talk semantics, I don't ever remember
> "Intel-compatibles" being part of common vernacular...

OK... the gauntlet has been tossed.... Let the SEMANTIC WARS BEGIN!!!

(sarcasm added at no extra cost)


Karl Kuras

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