Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> Jim Leonard wrote:
> >Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> >
> > >Yes, but that's not the point; as I explained earlier, the PC versions
> > >are signficantly different, rare, or both.  Hence the need to get them.
> >
> > Usually the AppleII versions of most games are more rare
> >In what world do you live in?  :-)
> In a world with more valuable apple games than PC games :)
> >  The Apple II had a HUGE pirate
> >movement all throughout its life.
> Of course; Apple games are very easy to crack.

Not necessarily; there was a huge movement because there was time to form such
a movement.  Apple was around since 1977, with games worthy of being pirated
since 1979.  Besides, *you* try using the built-in monitor to debug encrypted
self-modfying code loading off of a quarter-tracked disk and tell me "Apple
games are very easy to crack".  :-)  Some of them were a BITCH to crack.  I
never got good at it; I found PC games easier to crack because less people
wrote them in assembly (most of them were written in C).
> A thousand? Well, if not on the net, they must be available somewhere :)

Not if I can't find disks to copy and release, they won't be.

> >  I was one of the first 10 Abandonware websites, and
> >I built up the original AB ring with a search engine, mailing list,
> >etc.  I was also, not by coincidence, the first AB site taken down by
> >the IDSA.  My site was up in 1997.
> Did you crack the games? Or just had them on the web?

> >True, but it took some 3D products first to qualify this.
> What do you mean? That it took several 3d "mistakes" for people to see that
> 2d was OK too?

Not quite in those words, but let's just say that a lot of fledgling developers
were glad to see Sierra and Origin take on the task -- and run into problems --
before they did.
> >That's very astute (perceptive) -- and also, unfortunately, a fact of
> >life in an industry where 1% of the market buying your game is
> >considered a huge success :-(  The market is way too saturated  :-(
> Still room for some great companies/developers to create fantastic original
> games. Look at Troika Games's "Arcanum". Magic vs Technology in this
> isometric RPG, what a fantastic idea! Kudos for Tim Cain, one of the best
> RPG developers ever, for having the "guts" to do it.

I didn't mean that the market was saturated with great titles, merely that it
was saturated at all.  There are so many titles with a pressure to move that
great titles may never get shelf space more than 2 months.  You can't "window
shop" software stores any more because of all of the crap ("extreme" sports
games, TV show licensees, fishing and hunting games, etc.).

> Yes, but about the fans' life that he "ruined"? What about all those people
> that met each other on Shadow of Yserbius? What about all the Quest series
> fans? And Larry?

Are you saying he had an obligation to his customers that extended past 16
years of his life?
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