Karl Kuras wrote:
> >  I was one of the first 10 Abandonware websites, and
> >I built up the original AB ring with a search engine, mailing list,
> >etc.  I was also, not by coincidence, the first AB site taken down by
> >the IDSA.  My site was up in 1997.
> Well I can't say anything personally... but by 1997, the abandonware
> movement (not called that at the time) was old.  I remember it being quite
> prolific (no names please)  :)  Already by early 1995.

But it was underground until 1997.  I remember IRC bots, etc. -- no different
than any warez scene.  I think the move to the public eye with Abandonware was
necessary to generate more sources of software.  I don't remember any of the
hard-core oldwarezing guys in 1995 coming up with stuff like Cartels and
Cuthroats for the PC; you had to rope in the average joe who still had a copy
to find stuff like that.

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