Hugh Falk wrote:
> Well, you can call it whatever you like.  The IBM-compatible PC is a "PC,"
> but so is Apple and the others.  So it isn't correct to only call that brand
> a PC.  If you chose to be incorrect, that's your choice.
> For example, you could incorrectly say something like this, "I was talking
> about PCs, not Apples."  

There is nothing wrong with this when I am talking amongst peers who know that
"PC" is informal abbreviation for the model 5150 and clones.

> But anybody who knows what a PC is, might think
> that you don't.  

But anyone who would hear such a phrase is a peer and would know what I mean. 
When would I ever utter that phrase in the company of someone who might think
I'm an idiot when it comes to computer software?
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