Karl Kuras wrote:
> > So I suppose you don't want me to point out that your website is
> incorrectly
> > spelled as "sight" -- unless that was intentional... :-)
> Ok... there is a story behind the misspelling of site....   The page was
> supposed to be C64 Site, but I goofed up on my second logo (the one which
> was a mockup of the old Probe game Trantor The Last Stormtrooper (for any
> old guys who are keeping count).  I got within a week about 30 mails about
> the misspelling and half of them thought it was so cool that I had
> misspelled it ON PURPOSE that I just left it... so you could say that today
> the misspelling is on purpose...

Like I wrote, "sight" can be taken as an intentional metaphor... hard to
explain to a German :-), and it's a stretch, but if you're saying it's
intentional then I'd just run with that.  ;)

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