Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> (OT: Hi Stephen, nice to hear from you again)
> I apologize for my ignorance, but is the Roland sound much different from a
> SB AWE64 emulating the Roland on Windows?

YES!  The Roland MT-32/LAPC-1 was programmable, whereas wavetable emulation is
not.  Sierra games in particular really took advantage of this fact; they threw
out all of the default instruments and programmed their own.  (On an MT-32, you
can even see custom messages in the instrument window!).  U6 definitely sounds
best on an MT-32 -- that's where the music was composed originally, and all
other versions (Adlib, Tandy, etc.) were derived from the MT-32 soundtrack.

I own two LAPC-1s myself.
> If it is, then I must get a Roland (LAPC-1 or MT-32? Suggestions accepted)
> to play Ultima 6.... or play it on the Amiga instead.

No, the Amiga music was worse.  Good in it's own right, don't get me wrong, but
definitely not as good as the MT-32 music.
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