"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> >Now what happens on a faster machine?  The detection routine whips through the
> >35 short JMPs much quicker than it is supposed to.  When it tries to read the
> >ID byte, the Adlib isn't ready to supply it yet.  So no byte is read, and no
> >Adlib card is detected.
> But that doesn't explain why it didn't work on my 286.  Well, it was a

That explains exactly why it didn't work on your 286.  Read on:

> 286 20MHz, and I admit I don't remember if I tried the game without
> turbo on.  But still, the game's from 1991 and, IIRC, 386s were pretty
> common then.

..in America.  In Europe in 1990, where and when the game was programmed (and
published -- 1991 is the US release date), 7.16MHz 8086 clones were extremely
common still because Amstrad was popular in Europe and sold a lot of clones. 
That was the development platform for the game.
> I do know that when I got it, my roommate's original IBM PC was
> outdated.  No hard drive (just two 5.25" floppy drives), but he did
> have a VGA monitor and Adlib card.  And he played Eye of the Beholder
> on it.  Try playing new games on five-year-old hardware now!

:-)  But it was different back then; hardware depreciated MUCH more slowly than
today.  Getting games to work on an original PC was a developement requirement
up until 1989, and even for 2 years after that a lot of games still ran okay on
your friend's hardware because they weren't speed-intensive -- they only needed
decent graphics and sound.  (Actually, Eye of the Beholder was developed in
1990 and it runs fine on an original PC with CGA and no sound.  Since there
wasn't any reason it shouldn't, it was intentionally designed that way.)
> (I had to check MobyGames for the date.  Cool ASCII logo for Lynx
> browsers, Jim!  Never been to MG using Lynx before.  Now it's my only
> choice from work.)

Hey, someone finally noticed!  That's 2 years old, that logo.  :-)  As for the
Python info, I just found out that much of it was WRONG -- I've fixed it with
proper data.  (I didn't approve that entry, needless to say...)

To appease you, I'll "fix" Monty Python.  Let me check around for the game
online...  Found it.  Checking .exe...  Geez, what an incompetent rip, not
cracked, it's the EGA/VGA version only and the game itself is included *twice*
in the archive!!  This is why the current state of Abandonware websites is
pathetic.  Checking for modern box compatibility... works!  Under NT no less,
on a PII 233.  I'll work at this on the trainride home tonight.
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