Hello, all.

I hit a couple thrift stores and saw these.  Anyone want them?  I
don't expect any collector to really be dying for these, but I like to
give games a good home if possible.  I'll charge what it costs me
(including tax), plus shipping and $2 (per game) for gas & time.  All
games are for Intel-compatible computers (simply PCs to most of you (8
) unless otherwise noted.  I'm afraid I didn't take very consistent
notes on the features of each game.  Prices listed are what was on the
box, if I noted it and do not include 8% sales tax I'll be charged.

Frogger (TRS-80)
Future Wars (5.25"; probably $5)
Hardball 2 (Accolade; 5.25"; probably $5)
James Bond: Stealth Affair (5.25"; probably $5)
King's Quest (Sierra; enhanced version; 3.5"; $5)
King's Quest 3 (Sierra; MACINTOSH; probably $5)
Lurking Horror, The (Infocom; appears to be missing props; $8)
Prophecy of the Shadows (SSI AD&D game; 3.5"; probably $5)
Secret of Monkey Island, The (5.25")
Slipheed (3.5" & 5.25"; probably $5)
Space Quest 2 (Sierra; MACINTOSH; probably $5)
Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter (3.5" HD; $5)
Task Force 1942 (3.5" HD)
Test Drive
Test Drive 2: The Duel (5.25")
Ultima III:  Exodus (Origin; APPLE II; sealed with tape, but didn't
feel heavy enough to be complete)

There were also a couple TRS-80 Game Packs.

Most of these items are probably F to G on the MobyScale.  Some may be
sealed with clear packing tape that may be difficult to remove without
damaging the box.  (These games are probably Secret of MI, Task Force
1942, the two Test Drives, and Ultima III.)

I picked up these for myself:
   Ulitma IV (to sell, but disk A is bad.)
   Hitchhiker's Guide (Apple II; to hopefully trade at YOIS when it
           reopens; it's got the fluff, but not the "Don't Panic"
           button.  Works!)
   Apple Logo (Apple II; I'm not sure why other than it was in good
           shape and I never had Logo back in the day.  Works!)
   Skyfox (Apple II; EA flatbox; initially got to maybe sell/trade,
           but then I found out one of my favorite comic book
           creators helped do the comic inside, so I think I'll
           keep it.  Works, but no manual.  Has "Demo Copy, Not For
           Sale" stickers plastered on it.)

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