"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> Test Drive
> Test Drive 2: The Duel (5.25")

If the boxes are in good condition (G or higher), I'd like these to scan for
MobyGames.  Just let me know how much, etc.  Paypal okay?

> Most of these items are probably F to G on the MobyScale.  Some may be
> sealed with clear packing tape that may be difficult to remove without
> damaging the box.  (These games are probably Secret of MI, Task Force
> 1942, the two Test Drives, and Ultima III.)

Crud.  Before you buy these, let's start another topic of discussion:  What's
the best way to remove stickers/tape from boxes without damaging them?
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>            shape and I never had Logo back in the day.  Works!)

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