Stephen S. Lee boldly stated:
>On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, Lee K. Seitz wrote:
>> James Bond: Stealth Affair (5.25"; probably $5)
>I already have both package types for this one, but this tends to sell for
>$25-30 on eBay -- go for it.

I dunno.  There's a shrinkwrapped one currently up starting at $10
that's being auctioned off for at least the second time because no one
bid on the first time.  Maybe the starting price is too high or maybe
the seller's rating is too low, but I'm dubious.

>> Secret of Monkey Island, The (5.25")
>Seeing this makes me think what the recent Lucasarts re-release of the
>Monkey Island series -- you could have reliably gotten $20-25 for an IBM
>copy of this before (even for just a floppy version), but maybe not now.

It looks like people mainly want the 3.5" version.  (Understandable.)

Question:  Are there really that many software collectors on eBay or
is it mainly people hit with a wave of nostalgia that decide they want
to play an old game again?

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