> Do you know if it has the same box drawing? I'm willing to collect all
> "Luis Royo" boxes.

>No, the original drawing for Lorna was done by Alfonso Aspiri (he did
>for the early Dinamic games, such as Camelot Warriors, Westbank and Abu
>Simbel Profanation.  He also did titles for Topo such as Metropolis (man
>that game bite... and I was looking forward to it so much), Desperado and
>Silent Shadow).  Aspiri had a very angular style to him, very
>I'm not sure what he's done outside of game covers, I'm sure on the
>peninsula you'll find a lot of stuff.

I've just seen the Game Over 2 box, it's definitely a Royo. But it was
stated that it was originally to be known as Phantis... so this game had 3

> Cozumel was a text adventure with static graphics, wasn't it? I remember
> reading that it was really good.

>Yes, Cozumel and it's sequels (I think there were two)

Eeek, I can't remember any of them.

>were great text
>adventures with graphics.  If you can, play the Amiga versions, since they
>had some wonderful images.

They must not be easy to find. If you know of any spanish software house
that sells old titles, please let me know.

> Remembering the box of Jabato, I'd say you're right again, but I don't
> remember the boxes for the others. I would dig my old "Micro Mania" mags,
> but I threw most of them away...

>I used to read MicroMania as well, when I lived in Argentina.... great

Yes, it was absolutely fantastic. And rather big too! I wish I had mine
back. Someone out there must be willing to sell them :)

>You can go to Computer Emuzone (http://emuzone.metropoli2000.net/) they
>all the Spanish games listed (guy who runs it is a friend of mine).

Thanks, I'll take a peek

>How big
>was the Spanish market in Portugal back then?  I'm curious, because I
>could figure out how widespread those games were in Europe (I knew that
>were basically unknown in the States).

Let me put it this way... software piracy was perfectly and openly
acceptable in Portugal until the early 90s. Original games were terribly
difficult to find.

Now if you want to know if the copies of those games were available, yes,
they were.

> The spanish market in the 80s was absolutely fantastic. Just a pity they
> didn't make any RPGs. But the "slightly graphical" version of the
> Adventure, and Cozumel, and some of the arcade games that you mentioned
> were really good.

>The old text games they used to make were very impressive and humorous at
>the time (with Don Quijote and Guerra de las Vajillas (Silverware Wars, a
>Star Wars parody) being two of the biggest).  I did read an article back
>the late 80's very early 90's that Micro Mania did about Ultima games and
>RPG's in general, and how they were never being translated into Spanish.
>seems from the article (I kept many of the old articles and reviews from
>those days, but didn't think to put  on them what month they were released
>in... doh!) that D&D was never even translated, so if you wanted to get
>roleplaying you had to be able to read the english manuals and that can be
>problem even for native speakers (who hasn't had hour long fights over
>a rule means?)  :)

That's not quite true. I have the board version of Hero Quest and it's
fully in spanish, bought in the early 90s. I got it in Spain and they had
heaps of translated D&D books available too

>So, this explains why they never had rpg's unfortunately and also never
>reviewed them in the mag.... first game I remember them reviewing, even
>though it wasn't really an rpg was Heroes of the Lance.

Not quite true either, AFAIK :). Micromania was a bit Spectrum oriented,
and the Spectrum rarely had a RPG. But when the Amiga/ST/PC started to take
the market (early 80s?), most RPGs released were reviewed by Fernando
"Ferhergon" Herrera, who had a special column, usually one or two pages
wide, called "Maniacos del Calabozo" (Maniacs of the Dungeon). Although I
threw away all the mags, I kept all the MdC columns.

After reading many different magazines, Ferhergon is still my favorite RPG
reviewer of all times.

>Karl Kuras

Pedro R. Quaresma
"All your base are belong to us"


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