When I "discovered" the Internet, I used to download every shareware RPG I could get my hands on. I wrote reviews and took notes about them and have at least sent one for publishing at a shareware review site.

I have burned all those RPGs on a CD, but the Empire Demo, being a strategy game, isn't in there, sorry.

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Okay, you've all got shelves and shelves full of boxed games and such.
What about shareware?  Do you have CD-Rs full of zip files?  What
about those oh-so-prevalent disks published by people hoping to make a
quick buck by providing the service of making shareware available in
retail outlets?  (You remember.  Back before most people had heard of
the Internet.)

What about custom-made add-ons for commercial games?  (All those
homebrew Doom levels and such.)  I tend to stay behind the curve on
what's popular in games, so I sometimes download stuff that I know I
won't play until no one else is playing any more.

I'm just curious because I need to start my own project of copying
these floppy disks that are cluttering up the place to CD.  (These are
mostly disks I created myself from BBS and Internet downloads.
Remember the WU Archive FTP site?)

Also, I recently came across a message I posted to Usenet some years
ago.  It mentioned a playable demo of Empire Deluxe.  I don't recall
ever successfully finding such a thing.  Anybody happen to have a
copy, just to satisfy my curiosity?

Lee K. Seitz

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