Lee K. Seitz wrote:

Okay, you've all got shelves and shelves full of boxed games and such.
What about shareware?  Do you have CD-Rs full of zip files?  What

Worse: I've got DVD-ROMs of them (I've got over 600 CDRs so I've started trying to dump collections into large file stores, organizing, removing duplicates, and burning finished to DVD-R for easy retrieval).

Of course, not all of these are *shareware* games (cough) but the same principle applies. And yes, I also have my share of text files, pictures, music (good old MODs, Adlib ROLs, etc.), Doom WADs, etc.

If you'd like to talk about long-term file archival, let me know and we can start this thread back up. I've got some experience that can help answer any questions you might have.
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