Brian the Fist wrote:
<BRAIN DUMP>Aye karumba. Looks like that Vic auction lasted just 3
hours too! I fail to understand how people find these things so fast. Personally I can't afford to search eBay more than once a week.. Personally I don't believe in the collectibility of disks/tapes, I go
for the manuals/boxes mostly - after all these are the true 'pieces of
art', a disk is a disk is a disk. Heck, anyone can make a disk from a
disk image of an old game, so big whoop right?

Not if the disk is copy-protected. And if nobody has cracked the game yet, you have yourself a piece of software without any actual software. For me, complete means just that -- a complete working game I can pop into a computer and play it.

Not to pick nits, but the "true" piece of art is the game code itself. The extras -- manual, cloth map, etc. -- are what make it collectable, but the art is the entire package, which includes the game. What good is the manual if you can't play?

On the other hand, there are some games I have been searching for for
years and have not seen EVER on eBay (or anywhere else), even once, thus
making them even more rare than Akalabeth or Mt. Drash technically.  And
when I come across one like this by some rare fluke, I may get it for as
low as $10 (maybe no one else wants it, who knows).

Like what, out of curiousity?

I agree with you about demand. I've said it before, so forgive the repeat, but I have in my possession several pieces of software that are arguably rarer than Akalabeth simply because I know some of their history and have never seen them crop up anywhere else -- but because nobody WANTS them, they have no VALUE. So, rare != value. At least in my wacko collection :)
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