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Here's what Brian told me when I asked:
There was no map. It was a cheap-looking 5 1/2 x 11 folded booklet, printed
by some "instant press" outfit, with a typewriter typeface on maybe 12 white
pages, and a light blue cover. It bears the original Faneuil Hall company address.
Probably less than 50 were ever sold.
The "map" he mentions refers to a large fold-out map I'd seen in a German collector's stash, which I've never seen since.  I had assumed this was from the original version of Zork but I guess not, so there's another early version of some sort.  I remember the map was professional quality, not some self-done job.  We took it to a print shop and made me a full-size Xerox of it, I just have to find the darn thing.

That reminds me, I have the Zork 1 poster from the Zork Users Group. I need to get a copy made so that I can hang in on my wall. I even had one guy offer me a shrinkwrapped Fooblitzsky for a copy of the poster. I didn't know the guy (can't remember who it was) and I was worried about more 'posters' appearing on eBay if I made a copy so I politely demurred.

Say, was that the only poster they made? I have some vague memory of a Zork 2 poster mentioned.


Edward Franks

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