Funny you mention that. It actually is a three-pack of Infocomics, although as I recall, it's three individual Infocomics shrinkwrapped in one package. Probably a store job... but you never know. Perhaps Infocom/Activision did package them like that to get rid of excess inventory? I don't recall anything unique about the packaging suggesting this, but then again, I don't think I looked very closely. I can try and dig them out... and see if we can come to a better conclusion. And you know what, unless I'm mistaken, I have two of these three-packs (the guy was desperate to get rid of his Apple II items).

C.E. Forman wrote:
Just to clarify, Stephane...  Did you find three individual Infocomics being sold together?  Or did you find a literal three-pack of Infocomics (with some kind of unique outer packaging)?  I always have to be sure if someone sounds like they have a package I haven't seen before.  B-)
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I agree with you on actual vs perceived value. Actually, until last year, I didn't particularly care for Infocomics, which I perceived as relatively uninteresting computer comic book experiments. Only after finding a three-pack of them as part of a larger bundle of software did I decide I should try to get the last one. On the other hand, Suspended and Starcross were no brainers... and I suspect they are on many software collectors' lists.

Marco Thorek wrote:
Stephane Racle schrieb:
One package I had never seen on eBay until tonight was Zorkquest II.
I've seen all the other Infocomics about a hundred times, but never that
one. Is it that uncommon? One would think they'd be plenty of copies
lying around...

It indeed is that uncommon. Much more so than a Starcross saucer,
Suspended mask or sealed Fooblitzky. I have been on ebay now for five
years and only saw it once and that one was even sealed. 

I managed to win that auction for a mere $50, as there was only one
other serious bidder. And the current auction you probably talked about
ended with $19.99 via "Buy it now." On the other hand I was outbid
several times on a number of Fooblitzkys, which do turn up every other

Maybe we have to differentiate between actual value, which considers
factors such as rarity and item condition, and perceived value.

Looking through ebay's completed auctions I just saw a Deadline grey go
for $76... 


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