The C64 tapes I’ve sampled myself worked when done in mono but would give me loading errors if I tried stereo, so I would not recommend using stereo for anything. Can’t say I’m for or against 8-bit or 16-bit, I guess the best thing to do is some trial and error. J


- Peo


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Sampling should be fine, especially with a Vic tape which probably doesnt have any turbo-loader thingie built-in (those tapes can be pretty tricky).
Just make sure you sample in MONO! On some tapes you get better results by doing an 8-bit sample by the way, you might want to try that too. 8 bits, less room for nuances -> less possible errors. At least the theory is sound. ;)

That's correct when converting, but from what I've read on the Net, I'd recommand the full quality: 44100 Hz (or better, 48000), stereo, 16-bit samples, to a WAV file (of course, no MP3 or other lossy compression). Then, the file can be downgraded to mono 8-bit for conversion, but better keep the original file as a "master".

BTW, it seems Escape from Mt. Drash has been floating around as a tape image file. Anyone has it? Still, a good master sampled file is good to have before all tapes die...


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