Oh well, it happens. I will comment on it even though it's not for me... :-) From reading your message and others earlier today, I had to comment...

I just think wanting to "keep it a mystery" is a fine line. And I don't just mean for Drash. Certainly a good part of the fun is finding new games or items, especially if very little is known about them. And of course it's always nice to be able to gloat a little bit after a nice find. :-)

On the other hand, one of the reasons I look for new items is so that I can share them with other collectors and enthusiasts, for example by making a scan, a disk image, or simply by giving out some details  that weren't previously known. I understand why people are worried about counterfeit items. However, are we simply collecting for the purpose of hoarding items? I know I'm not. It's a lot more fun if you're able to show what you have and discuss it with others. Plus you never know what people will come up with... if the Drash image haden't been released, then nobody would have ported it to the PC. Everybody has a different interest, whether its technical, historical, etc...  Not to say fakes aren't an issue, because they are. But there's a difference between due diligence and simply putting everything out of sight.

In a message dated 03/15/2004 10:27:02 PM Central Standard Time, AvatarTom writes:

Oh crap, this was supposed to be a personal mail, oh well........... 

You can't make a fake anything from the 4K
> computer file

It's not just making "fakes" either, part of it is the mystique of Drash. Was more so before those last few cassettes showed up and Josh got his but still there. And as I said someone could sell the images easily. Best to keep it a "mystery" to most people, then if they actually find one it will be a lot more fun :) And just FYI, Edward thinks if he gets 2K for his that would be a lot, I'll just say I was offered a LOT more than 2K for mine without the box.

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