> I too have been offered A LOT more than 2K for mine….

Not that I doubt it, but let me just comment that what people offer, and
what they will actual pay are not always the same thing...  This is my
personal experience anyways.  One time I offered someone something like
$150 for a game I wanted (Scott Adams Gold actually).  He told me
someone else wanted it too, and they offered him $250, or whatever, so
did I want to offer more (bluffing me?  Who knows).  So I said
'whatever, let him have it, I'm not that crazy - Ill find another'.  As
luck would have it, it showed up on eBay within a month and I snatched
it for a paltry $75 or so.  A week or two later, I get an e-mail back
from buddy again 'Errm, hey, you still wanna but the Scott Adams from
me?'  I couldn't help but break a smile.

Anyway all I'm saying is just because someone offered $5K or $10K for it
via email is no indicator that the deal ever would have gone through for
that amount; in fact I highly doubt it.  Just my 3 cents..

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