Got this in my mail today, re: the availability of Drash images, just wanted
to pass along.

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> I hope you are aware of a .d64 image floating around that purports to be
> that of Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash.  I have two U:EfMtD images, a tape
> image and a disk image.  Both images I got from the Vic-20 archive at
> before they took all the commercial games down.  The disk image is not
> some throw the tape image onto a disk thing, the disk image has a loader
> program and the program code is split into two files.  There are some
> differences between the disk image and tape image.  The only differences I
> have noticed from the tape image to the disk image is that the ending tune
> plays at the welcome screen and there is a "please wait" black screen
> between the title and welcome screens.  Also, the disk image is not very
> compatible while the tape image is (if PAL Vic-20s were ever made.)
> I found this in a Hex Editor of the disk image: ESCAPE FROM MOUNT DRASH
> CONVERTED TO DISK IN 2002.  The ending may be screwed up too, which is why
> used the tape image to write my FAQ on the game.  This could be a source
> fraud if disks are easier to reproduce than tapes and a seller purports to
> offer the "even rarer disk version" of U:EfMtD.
> GH

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