So after cleaning up from fixing a few stray disk errors on my laptop (soft errors, backup, reformat, restore, life is good), getting pasted by GNU Chess (a vintage game in every respect) in the afternoon, I contemplate how I can keep that momentum going. So I tried scanning in one of my Computist issues. There's a good pile of them here:

So I pick one that's not already there (I'll offer the scans to the site maintainer later). My favorite issue #61. The only issue that has one of my articles in it (look for Dan Halfwit on page 7. Trust me that its me. No one else would want to take credit for writing like that.) An hour of messing w/scanner and compression settings yields the following:

150 DPI
JPEG 50% compression
Slight boost to brightness (eliminates shadows, better compression)

Fine. Now getting the pages to lay flush on the scanner bed is nigh impossible, so I do the unpleasant: I pop the staples out of the binding. It had the added plus of not scratching the scanner's glass surface. Being practical, I'd rather get good scans and leave the mags in acid-free bags for the rest of eternity than have lousy scans and keep the staples intact. So it takes what seems like forever, but here's the entire issue as a PDF:

Beware, its almost 43MB. I considered at one point scanning at a higher resolution/lower compression, but the things are huge the way they are. I'm not really up to 1 CD per issue. Any feedback appreciated before I make 93+ more mistakes... (remaining issues).


PS - Someday, I swear, I will scan in the entire set of documentation for Origin's OMEGA. I have over 10 copies of it, and I have redundant manuals out the wazoo explicitly for the purpose of sacrificing one of them for archiving.

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