I’m pretty sure that the original President Elect only came in the big box.  However President Elect: 1988 Edition came in the small box.


Combat Leader came in a small box and in the RapidFire box.




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I believe the orignal edition of President Elect is another.


I'm interested to see that so many people here seem to be into packaging variations. It's not something I follow myself (though I'm a modest authority on game version variations). :)




P.S. I'm not sure, but I suspect one of the Cosmic Balances also appeared in both the standard small and in the to-look-at-me-is-to-destroy-me RapidFire boxes.


Stephane Racle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Does anyone have a list of which SSI games were released in both large
and small box variations? So far, I know of:

Computer Quarterback
Computer Baseball

As well, I've seen Broadsides in both a standard small box and a
flimsier "RapidFire" box. Anyone known of any other titles like this?



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