>Actually Sierra was even worse with recycling Ultima art than that...
>The UI "Original" / Mt. Drash cover art was originally used as
>the back of the Ultima II box.

Yeah, I know :). It's actually wonderful art.
But maybe reusing it three times for different titles is a bit stretching it
(they're all cool though).
(BTW as the Ultima II SierraVenture front and back are of the same
painting it makes a great panorama painting when put the box parts side by

Speaking of art, I started this new topic about it.

Does anyone have names of early Sierra box cover artists?
The vintage game box art interests me a lot
(there's nothing like it nowadays anymore).

There aren't mentionings of the cover artists than occasionally.
And signatures aren't often seen or readable.

F.ex. didn't find any artist name from the discussed Ultima II box/manual.
To me the style of Ultima II (/U1 Original / Drash)
has similarities to SierraVenture Wizard and the Princess cover.
F.ex. the castle, rock formations and fog-concept are very alike.
U II cover wasn't by Origin's famous Dennis Loubet though he painted
Ultima I CPC and III, Akalabeth, etc.

Here are some confirmed artists; please add if you know any:

- David Mann: Time Zone
- Duke Haubelt: Cranston Manor (On-Line Systems version)
- ? Amsel: The Dark Crystal (well this is the same art as the theatrical
- Peter Ledger: Conquests of Camelot (BTW there are several versions
      of this cover art with different style titles.
      Like with many Sierra and other companies' games; many ideas were

Would be interesting to see more works from the same artists.
F.ex. I've seen some from David Mann and his style was very recognizable;
some Dr. Who stuff (couldn't find better quality or more links now):

And now check Time Zone:

- Jukka

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