I think radio broadcasters have contracts with the RIAA where they pay a small fee for the right to broadcast music.
On another note, I don't know if sharing the MP3 files with Jim is necessarily illegal. It may be covered under "fair use" laws, like making a copy of a tape for a friend. As long as it isn't spread all over the Internet, that is.
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:> Why doesn't Jim just bid on it, and then he can do what he wants with the music?

:Because it wouldn't be any more legal that way (I have no explicit permission
:from Origin to stream the music).
I confess I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics of streaming, but do you really need EA's permission to do so? (Origin no longer exists even in UO server-farm form.) Wouldn't this considered a "permitted use" of the media?
Outwardly, at least, it seems no different than playing a song on the radio. I played hundreds back in my DJ years and I'm sure I didn't have (or need) anyone's permission to play any of 'em. Or have the ground rules changed since the '70s and '80s?

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