I didn't say no one held the copyright. I just meant the Origin's no longer in the game and that the permission issue would rest with EA.
But I do think it's worth exploring the "fair use" question and, failing that, whether there's an Internet equivalent of the RIAA (which someone else mentioned) that could address issues relating to Internet radio broadcast of CDs. Perhaps it's a simple affair.

Jim Leonard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Peter Olafson wrote:

> I confess I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics of streaming, but do you
> really need EA's permission to do so? (Origin no longer exists even in
> UO server-farm form.) Wouldn't this considered a "permitted use" of the
> media?

Just because the founding copyright holder no longer exists doesn't mean that
*somebody* doesn't own the copyright. In fact, I think it's obvious that
Electronic Arts owns all of Origin's Ultima and Wing Commander intellectual
properties. I'm sure that if I wrote a Wing Commander-like game, with WC
properties ("Kilrathi", "Tiger's Claw", etc.) and used the string "Wing
Commander" somewhere in the title, that I would get sued even if I wasn't
selling the thing.
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