On Jun 8, 2004, at 12:00 PM, Jim Leonard wrote: [Snip]
I can see a morality issue coming, so I'm going to head it off: For older games that you are curious about, do you download a copy to try, or do you spend $150 or more to collect a copy you can open and play? For example, I have never played Starcross and would like to give it a try. Should I spend crazy amounts of money for a Starcross collectable, knowing that any money I spend will never get back to the people who made it (and the collectable itself will go down in value when I open it to get at the disk), or should I just download a copy and try it out? Hopefully you agree the latter is the more practical choice.

I just want to point out you used a couple of bad examples. ;-) You can get a legal, playable copy of Starcross very cheaply. As little as $5, even. If you want to play a particular _release_ of Starcross (too experience the original bugs, I guess) you can grab the diffs and patch your existing legit version to whichever release you heart desires.

Also, in the US, the First Sale Doctrine establishes that once you sell something (as the maker) that's all the money you're going to get. A maker has no right to get more money on the sale of used items. That's like saying it would be wrong to buy a used or out of print book because the author wouldn't get any money.


Edward Franks

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