On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Jim Leonard wrote:
> Stephen S. Lee wrote:
> > Actually, where can I find a collection of such extractions?  I was
> I wasn't aware of a collection, hence my desire to someday make a radio station
> for it :-)

There actually is a collection out there on the Web that has a whole bunch
of Origin music, but that's it.

> 2. Emulation.  DOSBox (dosbox.sourceforge.net) does a 95% job of
> emulating PC Speaker, Sound Blaster, Adlib, and Tandy/PCjr *and* you can
> record the output to a mono .WAV file.  If emulating anything OTHER than
> PC Speaker, you need to change the output rate from 22KHz to 44.1KHz or
> else it may sound muted (not as "bright").  For PC Speaker, 22KHz is
> perfect.

OK, I didn't know that DOSBox could do that.  I'll look into that!

> 3. Record the actual games themselves with a sound card (play game on one
> machine, run a cable to another machine, record).  [...]

This is the procedure that I was intending; I'm constructing a setup
(pending electrical work in my new apartment) where I'll have a modern
computer right next to a 486 equipped with a Roland LAPC-401; the intent
is to do just this with the two computers.  What would a "high-quality"
cable be, for one thing?  (I don't know; I'd like to specifically know so
I can buy one at Radio Shack or wherever.)  Also, what program would you
recommend for this?  It'd be nice to be able to edit things like the
silence at the beginning of each *.WAV file.

What I was wondering was if there's a shortcut that would enable me to
take a game, extract all the Roland sound files from it, and convert them
directly into *.WAV files, but from what you say and from what I've read,
this isn't possible.

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