Dan Chisarick wrote:

I still troll the used item bin for the very occasional vintage goodie that shows up. Found two yesterday: LucasFilm's Tie Fighter and OOP's Perfect General II.

At what store? Those are a decade old.

Anyway, Tie Fighter was $3.99. Perfect General II was $14.99. WHAT? I got the helpless shrug from the guy behind the counter "that's what came up in the computer".

He's right; that probably was the last recorded price when Softsell or whatever warehouse they use last stocked the game. Ten years ago that was a good price -- they obviously just haven't repriced it since then.

nothing the J Leonard blow-dryer technique can't handle (I'm afraid I'll damage the box w/the heat, but I'll give it a shot anyway).

I can't take credit for that technique; I believe either Tom or Chris first suggested it to me once 3+ years ago when we were out trolling for oldgames in the northern Illinois region. As for hurting the box, it's difficult to hurt the box doing that. It is easy to hurt 5.25" DISKS doing that, but I have used it to remove large ugly labels from 5.25" disks before.

One box even had the original receipt in it, with the buyer's name and address. Maybe I'll drop him a post-card and ask him if he has anything else to sell.

THAT technique was first suggested by Chris, no doubt about it ;-) -- Jim Leonard ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) http://www.oldskool.org/ Want to help an ambitious games project? http://www.mobygames.com/ Or check out some trippy MindCandy at http://www.mindcandydvd.com/

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