> > I still troll the used item bin for the very occasional vintage goodie
> > that shows up.  Found two yesterday: LucasFilm's Tie Fighter and OOP's
> > Perfect General II.
> At what store?  Those are a decade old.

Every once in a great while this can happen.  I got a brand-new Countdown by
Access at my mall Babbage's a few years back (for $1.67).  No idea how it
managed to stay in stock all that time, but it did.

> I can't take credit for that technique; I believe either Tom or Chris
> suggested it to me once 3+ years ago when we were out trolling for

The blow-dryer is Tom's technique, I first learned it from him.

> > One box even had the original receipt in
> > it, with the buyer's name and address.  Maybe I'll drop him a post-card
> > and ask him if he has anything else to sell.
> THAT technique was first suggested by Chris, no doubt about it ;-)

Correct.  B-)

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