Stuart Feldhamer wrote:

You made me think about the code wheel for Pool of Radiance. For some
reason, on my computer, the code that came up was "Savior" about 3/4 of the
time. So I copied the game for a friend of mine but didn't give him the code
wheel, telling him that he should try Savior, and if that didn't work, just
try again. On his computer, Savior NEVER came up!

LOL this was because of the truly terrible random-number generator in POR. The game played like this too, in some sections (75% of the time you'd get the same types of encounters). This PC-specific, I don't think the others had this problem but I could be wrong.

This reminds me of how a friend played Leisure Suit Larry 3: The random seed for the copy protection was # of seconds from bootup. So he launched his version of LSL3 from AUTOEXEC.BAT, right after bootup, and it would give him the same woman to identify 95% of the time.
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