Shadow of the Comet by Infogrames (back from the days when Infogrames was likeable -- ah that would start a whole new discussion! Anyone else following the end of Interplay?).

It had a Caleidoscope-thingie in which you'd had to look to get the codes. If you tried looking without the Caleidoscope-lenses (or perhaps with a proper lens of some other type) the code drawings were too small to distinguish from each other.

Lucasarts's Monkey Island's "dial-a-pirate" was fun too :) but easy copiable.

Delphine's Operation Stealth had a copy protection similar to Future Wars. No wonder, they were made by the same company and had the same engine iirc.

As far as difficulty goes, from what I've heard, the still uncrackable Starforce 3 (Beyond Divinity is an example) is still the worst.

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I used to think that the best copy-protection was Rocket Ranger -- the
codewheel was an integral part of moving around.  Then a fellow MobyGames
volunteer wrote me this:

"The best copy protection ever would be the game Murder In Venice (Amiga). The
game comes with over 40 clues - including ticket stubs, paper clips, pictures,
even a film roll (that you have to break open to find a clue inside!!)."

I agree, that's really cool.  Anyone else have some good copy-protection
schemes that they remember as being cool or clever?  Here's a few more I can
think of:

- Future Wars. Copy protection showed a paint-by-numbers (outline) picture and
asked you what color the section that was currently flashing was. How could you
tell? The picture was in full color on the back cover of the manual. :-)

- Star Control.  Codewheel was just plain funny.

Anyone else have fond memories?
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