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Shadow of the Comet by Infogrames (back from the days when Infogrames was likeable -- ah that would start a whole new discussion! Anyone else following the end of Interplay?).

I heard Interplay's offices were shut down for a few days because they couldn't come up with worker's comp insurance. :-( I sincerely hope Brian Fargo will be able to create a new startup...

As far as difficulty goes, from what I've heard, the still uncrackable Starforce 3 (Beyond Divinity is an example) is still the worst.

Nothing is uncrackable. Starforce is one of the best types of protection, though -- it directly accesses IDE CDROM drives without going through ANY system calls. (Dunzhin for IBM PC (Warriors of Ras) was one of the new early PC releases to do this and it took a colleage of mine a full month to crack it.) Starforce is also clever enough to figure out if it is running from an emulated drive such as those provided by Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.

Still, as "clever" as Starforce 3 is, I've seen worse. In fact, I was wondering when better protection was going to come along (copy-protection became a bit of a joke once Windows and CDROMs rolled around -- Starforce 3 is the only thing that actually provides a challenge nowadays).
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