Hey gang,

As you might recall, a few of us were talking back in Jan/Feb this year
about putting together a software collector's expo ("VCGC", formerly
"SCExpo") featuring classic authors as guest speakers, and vendors who
specifically deal in the vintage games we collect.

But we've run into a couple of snags.  The first is contacting authors to
invite them.  We have a professional graphic designer on board who's
designed some really nice print invitations, and we'd like to mail them to
the authors' physical addresses instead of just an e-mail.  Cuz that'd be
neater.  We had someone on this list who initially expressed an interest in
providing us with addresses, but I'm told he hasn't yet done so.  At this
point we really need to get a guest list nailed down soon so we can start PR
for the show, so if anyone has physical (not just e-mail) contact info for
any of these people, please let us know:

Mike Abbot
Joel Billings
Marc Blank
Chris Crawford
John Freeman
Richard Garriott
Andrew Greenberg
Tom Hall
Dave Lebling
Jordan Mechner
Steve Meretzky
Alan Pavlish
Stuart Smith
Anne Westfall
Ken and Roberta Williams
Robert Woodhead
Don Woods
Don Worth

Before you ask, no, we're not planning to invite everyone above, just a few
out of the ones we're able to contact.  (We do have a preferred-guest list
but I'll refrain from posting it here to avoid bad feelings about

Just a reminder, please e-mail privately if you have someone's address...
please don't post it here in public.  Never know who may be lurking, and I'm
sure our favorite authors don't want to be stalked.  Please cc: myself,
Howard Feldman, and Hugh Falk so we all get the same information.  If you
know your author would prefer not to have his address revealed to anyone
else, please let us know that and we'll use you as a go-between for getting
the invite to them.

Second concern is cost.  Right now with our current budget the admission
price we're looking at (balanced between keeping it halfway affordable and
making enough profit to be worthwhile) is $49.95 for a weekend pass.  That's
in addition to the normal travel expenses, airfare and hotel room.  I'd
appreciate any comments on that: Is it more than you'd want to pay for an
event like this?  Enough that it would discourage you from attenting?  Do
you have family members who would tag along if we offerred a family package
price instead of making everyone pay individually?  And, ignoring price for
a moment, would you actually be interested in coming to this show?

The other thing we were hoping to do is recruit some venture capital.  It
looks like this is going to cost us several thousand dollars up front (for
showroom rental, possibly hotel bookings, etc) and spreading it out means
it's less painful on everyone.  In return for your generosity you'd be
sharing in the profits from the show (if any) based on your level of
contribution.  The full budget details will be provided to people who are
serious about investing.

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