Last time I read about it, Interplay has been going down since Titus and Herve Caen took control of it. Their shares are worth almost 0 now. Employees are already being told to pack their stuff and leave.

All the important people at Interplay have already left. Brian Fargo, Feargus Urquhart, J.D.Sawyer ...

IIRC, this all started when they decided to increase console game production and reduce PC game production. Infogrames (now Atari) have announced they'll do the same, so I do not foresee a big future for them either.

Unfortunately I am imagining a future in which the only games publishers will be Sierra, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. :/

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On Jun 14, 2004, at 2:57 PM, Jim Leonard wrote:

> Pedro Quaresma wrote:
>> Shadow of the Comet by Infogrames (back from the days when Infogrames
>> was likeable -- ah that would start a whole new discussion! Anyone
>> else following the end of Interplay?).
> I heard Interplay's offices were shut down for a few days because they
> couldn't come up with worker's comp insurance.  :-(  I sincerely hope
> Brian Fargo will be able to create a new startup...

                He was already gone:


Edward Franks

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