Marco Thorek stated:
>BTW, another drive-the-legitimate-buyer-out-of-his-mind copy protection:
>"Type the seventh word in the third paragraph on page 22." 
>You never knew if they counted chapter titles, quotations, or whatever
>else was there along regular text, or not.

Yeah, and I remember some friends who had a cracked copy (or cracked
it using instructions on the 'net) of Bard's Tale so that it didn't
matter what you entered at that prompt, it would always act as if it
was correct.

I thought the Empire Deluxe solution was good.  You only had to answer
this type of question when you ran the setup program, which set the
resolution, sound options, etc.  So, in general, you only had to do it
once or twice.  (You were required to run it once before playing.)  Of
course, if you'd been playing for months and decided to change a
setting, then you had to go find the manual, which was frustrating.

Lee K. Seitz

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