Stuart Feldhamer stated:
>That reminds me, in the beginning of Rex Nebular you're flying in your
>spaceship and get the copy protection question. If you mess it up, a
>hairline crack appears in your viewport, all the air rushes out, and your
>head explodes!

At least that's a resolution. 8)  In Star Trek:  25th Anniversary, the
copy protection was that the galaxy map used for long range navigation
was in the manual.  You'd be told to go to a certain system, but none
of the systems were labeled in the map in the game, you had to look in
the manual.  If you got it wrong, you went to the system you picked and
were attacked by Orion pirates, Klingons, or Romulans.  If you
survived the encounter, you could try again. 8)

Lee K. Seitz

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