Jim Leonard stated:
>Lee K. Seitz wrote:
>> I noticed the book doesn't have an index, so I'm trying to compile a
>> basic one as I go for later reference.  I'll publish it on the web
>> when I'm finished.  Does this seem like a useful project? 
>Not unless you plan to publish the book itself -- it's hard to find.

Well, it will be useful for personal reference, if nothing else.

>> BTW, I just finished _Hard Drive_, about Microsoft and Bill Gates up
>> through c. 1993.  Next will probably either be _Hackers_, which I
>> started once but didn't finish, or John Sculley's _Odyssey_.
>I'd like to recommend Accidental Empires by Robert X. Cringely.

Thanks, but I'm starting with the books I actually have sitting on the
shelf.  _Hackers_ was a requested Christmas present.  The other three I
found at thrift stores.  I found _Odyssey_ mentioned in the text of
_Hard Drive_ (I'd already bought it).

_The Home Computer Wars_ has been sitting on my shelf, unread, for
five years now.  I was made (and turned down) an offer for it some
months ago by someone who found my old Usenet post about finding it
for $0.50.  I pointed him to one on Amazon.com, which he happily
bought for $47.50.  (He said he missed out on one on eBay that went
for $115.)  I then decided it was a crime against my fellow collectors
not to at least read it.  Did I really turn down 10,000-20,000% profit
for this?

Lee K. Seitz

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