One more example:  Rogue by Epyx


It would let you play for a while (like 3 or 4 levels), then it would throw an indestructible monster at you and you’d die.  Then it would show a tombstone that said “Here Lies:  Pirate, scum of the Earth”.


I have several versions of the original, but I normally play the Atari ST version.  I’d love to get a copy of a ROM (for any emulator) so I can play on my PC.  However, the only versions of Rogue I’ve ever gotten are simple copies…meaning they’ll let you play and then give you the message above.  Anybody seen a working version?  Ideally for an ST or Amiga emulator?




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Along similar lines, "Final Assault" (Epyx) for the IIgs (and probably others), if you failed the copy protection, you'd continue normally, then suddenly your climber's face would turn red and he'd die, as if suffocating I think. Kinda slick.

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That reminds me, in the beginning of Rex Nebular you're flying in your spaceship and get the copy protection question. If you mess it up, a hairline crack appears in your viewport, all the air rushes out, and your head explodes!
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Well I didn't say that I remembered watching someone actually doing the handwriting of those codes :) I had possibly the same photocopies you had, so someone must've handwritten them, and they've gone all around Europe at least! :D

Ultima 7 Serpent Isle had an interesting copy protection. The questions themselves were "normal" (values you had to check on manual) but the interesting part was that if you missed one, all items or characters in the game went "Oink!" when you clicked on them! :D

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Solicita-se resposta a swcollect

>I remember someone _handwriting_ the whole list of symbols from Indiana
Jones and the Last >Crusade copy protection!!!!!

I haven't done this myself but I too have a photo copy of
a handwritten copy protection for Indy 3 :)

Though this is more of an age protection, one of the most classic
and more fun way to do it is the Larry 1 quiz (which Larry 3 has too).

Larry 2 has those phone numbers as copy protection;
Al Lowe's birthday works as a pass in later release versions:

- Jukka

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