After trying fruitlessly to fix the older outdated software, the entire mailing list software was ripped out and replaced with the very functional GNU Mailman software. As you'll notice at the bottom of this message, now we have a web front-end to the list. You can view a list of subscribers (emails only, and obfuscated so spambots don't pick them up), view archives, manage your subscribed email, switch to a digest format, etc. Pretty slick (although I only recommend the digest format for lurkers who don't post).

If you don't have access to the web, you can control your subscription via mailing "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" with a subject of "help" to get a list of options. Along that track, subscribing to the list is done by emailing that same address but with a subject of "subscribe". THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE OLDER METHOD, SO PLEASE UPDATE ANY WEB PAGES YOU HAVE THAT REFER PEOPLE TO THIS LIST.

If anyone has problems, please contact me.
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