Well, that was easy -- good thing I kept the archives from the older version :-) To view the archives, visit http://list.oldskool.org/mailman/private/swcollect/ . Lots of interesting converstations over the years. Sorry, there's no search facility yet, although the Mailman developers officially have it on their To-Do list. I could easily install a search facility, but that would be yet another piece of software to maintain and frankly I'd rather wait until Mailman officially does it.

However, you will need your list password to view them; to get a reminder of what your password is, visit http://list.oldskool.org/mailman/listinfo/swcollect and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you'll see a place to enter your email and a button "Edit Options" to press after you've done that. That will take you to your own personal options for the list, which include getting a reminder of your password (and changing it, if you don't like it).

I personally would like the list archives to be public. Anyone opposed to public archives?
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