I feel that the list should be public, just as it was before.  You never
know when someone is going to search on one of the software titles that we
discuss and then contact us about it.


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> Subject: Re: [SWCollect] Full archives are now online
> >>I personally would like the list archives to be public.  Anyone 
> >>opposed to public archives?
> >
> >Weren't the archives already public? I've seen archive pages 
> turn up in
> Google search results.
> Yup they show up there alright.
> I for one am in favor of keeping this private and old 
> messages viewable to members only.
> Anything that goes to Google is "eternal" or at least 
> archived anyways.
> When I have something more "sensible" / "worth of archiving" 
> to say, list or anything, I'd rather publish it at web myself 
> (Not meaning that I'd regard the quality / informational 
> value of my mails being quite that low ;) but that's not the 
> point. And I'm also not meaning that the general quality of 
> the list wouldn't be good, because it is.).
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