Hello all,

I have two copies of Xcode on my development machine:
/Applications/Xcode-7.3.1.app and /Applications/Xcode.app (which is Xcode

I have `Xcode > Preferences... > Locations > Command Line Tools` set to
/Applications/Xcode-7.3.1.app, since I need Xcode 7.3.1 to build a
different project that I'm working on.

However, apple/swift only builds using Xcode 8. I could change my
`Locations > Command Line Tools` whenever I build apple/swift, but that's
inconvenient -- I build both apple/swift and my other project several times
per day, so I would have to switch very often.

Is it possible to specify an Xcode command line tools location when
building Swift? So far I'm doing this, and it appears to be working:

    DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/Xcode.app utils/build-script -R

Is this a good way to build using a specific version of Xcode? Or is there
a better way? Should we support this via an additional option to
utils/build-script, such as `utils/build-script

Thoughts and feedback appreciated!

- Brian Gesiak
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