Hello everyone,

I followed the instructions on the Swift GitHub for installing and building 
Swift on my Mac but there is an error that I don't know how to fix (I am using 
the build-script -x command). Here is the error:


The following build commands failed:
        PhaseScriptExecution CMake\ Rules 
(1 failure)
utils/build-script: fatal error: command terminated with a non-zero exit status 
65, aborting

There are also these errors a few lines before:
xcodebuild: error: SDK 
 cannot be located.
codesign_allocate: error: unable to find utility "codesign_allocate", not a 
developer tool or in PATH
 the codesign_allocate helper tool cannot be found or used
make: *** 
 Error 1
Command /bin/sh failed with exit code 2

I had forgot to do xcode-select, so I thought it was that but even as I 
selected the beta version of Xcode the error persists. What surprises me is 
that the utility searches for 10.12 SDK under Xcode.app which is Xcode 8 and 
not Xcode 9 even tough I did select Xcode 9 using xcode-select.

Do you have any idea of what is happening ?

Thank you

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